Architectural Glass Hardware

About The Company

Global Hardware has become one of the Sri Lanka’s well known Hardware dealers and distributors, noted for its exceptional customer service and vast product selection such as Floor Hinge Series Automatic Door Systems, Door Closer Series, Patch Fittings Series. Glass Door Lock Series and more ….

Founded in the year 2010, it’s been more than 10 years since we have been changing lifestyle of thousands of people and motivating them to use intelligently crafted, superior quality products. We have reinvented the way you live in your home, cook in the kitchen or work in your work place.

We have a full range of hardware solutions including a variety of products. We are importers and distributors of architecture hardware, tempering glass, doors and shower cubicles. We provide installation service of glass and partition. Our Global hardware is a direct dealer in aluminium extrusions and other accessories that will change the way you live, we offer you a lifestyle you wish you’d known earlier.

We at Global Hardware believe that our customers must never have to choose between reliability and efficiency, and that geographical boundaries must never hinder the availability of superior products. We have established ourselves as one of Sri Lanka’s premier and exclusive store. We have quality products from wide range of trusted brands.

Why Choose Us?

At Global Hardware, you’ll find everything you need for your hardware need with friendly service. On average, our staff members have worked with us for at least a decade, helping customers find exactly what they are looking for.

Our products are made of high quality raw materials and intelligently engineered mechanism increases the life of the product and performance. Our range of solutions are based on a single principal, to let design enhance your lifestyle.

Our products aspire to make you more organised, efficient and effective. Our sleek designs and robust engineering enables our products to stand out.

We saw the ever widening gap in the hardware products industy between those who offer great pricing but poor service, and those who offer poor pricing and great service.  We want to provide you, the customer, with the perfect partner for your success.