Selection of friction stay

The selection of friction stay needs to be fixed in accordance with the weight and size of windows.
# The required load-bearing of a friction stay = casement weight ( glass weight + casement bar section weight) x safety coefficient 1.3 From the window weight, check the “Friction stay Aluminum Window Specification Table” to obtain the series or specifications for a friction stay to meet the load-bearing requirements.

# Selection of the Length Specification of friction stay : Generally speaking, it is 2/3 of the width of a window and if the window is lighter, it can be 1/2. For a top hung window, while selecting hinges, generally speaking, a selected hinge will be 1/2 of the height of the window.

# According to items 1 and 2 separately meeting the requirements for window weight and size, from the friction stay Aluminum Window Specification Table, check and obtain the specification length of a friction stay.


Selection of Fastening Bolts or Screws of friction stay

# For the fastening of a friction stay, adopt M5x8 stainless steel screws or ST4.2/4.8×12 stainless steel self-tapping bolts : countersunk head and pan head.
# Use bolts or screw rationally according to your actual conditions. Here, it is proposed that for any counter bore, countersunk heads be used, but for other places such as a sliding slot or where there is no counter bore, use pan heads.
Only in this way will the fastness and reliability of other devices be guaranteed ( As in the figure above)
# It is essential to make a friction stay, casement and window frame joined closely and no loosening is allowed, in all the screw holes, bolts or screws shall be fastened because lacking one will influence the pulling force when the friction stay is being used. It is proposed that in a necessary situation, the aluminum bar section bottom be cushioned lining steel and for the fastening, pan head screws be adopted.


Heavy The flat open 22 party trough
Stainless steel sliding support (five link)

# Composite Steel /PVC slider for strength and smooth operation.
# Manufactured 2B/SUS304 form grade Stainless Steel for maximum strength and longevity. High Resistance to corrosion.
# In line with the QB/T3888-1999″ building doors and windows hardware sliding support” standard.
# Fifty thousand times repeated opening and closing test can still be used normally.

Technical Parameters